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Tunnelling Survey

Singapore is a highly urbanized country with scarce land and there is an ever-increasing demand to cope with the increased population. In recent years, there is active development of infrastructure below ground in the construction of underground tunnel networks (both MRT train tunnels and services tunnels).

Tunnelling survey is a highly specialised survey conducted to lay out a tunnel’s position. The tunnel surveyor will provide the dynamic surveying calculations to guide and drive the TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) to travel in the predefined alignment, leading the tunnel to be constructed in the correct position.

The process of constructing a tunnel is lengthy and complex. To optimize the tunnel breakthrough accuracy, specialised tunnelling professionals at every level are needed. At Wisescan, we have maintained an impressive track record in bored tunnel as well as cut and cover tunnel. To date, we have completed numerous islandwide MRT Tunnel and Services Tunnel projects.

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