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Art Science museum

Setting out survey was carried out on this unique architecture with uneven and protruding surface, anchored on a round base. The architecture is a reminiscent of a lotus flower designed by the architect Moshe Safdie.

Engineering Survey


24/7 Automated Monitoring was carried out in the underground tunnels while SMU was being constructed. This was a challenging project as the length of tunnel being monitored was 470m, with a large part of it in curves.

Monitoring Survey

Orchard Ion

This was another of our key Automated Tunnel Deformation Monitoring Projects, undertaken in the bustling downtown shopping area. With careful planning and allocation of resources, project deliverables weremet despite tight schedule.

Monitoring Survey

Expo Station

This is our pioneer underground survey contract relating to construction of MRT stations and associated tunnels for Expo Station in the 1990s. Our tunnel team has achieved commendable accuracy in guiding and driving the TBM.

Tunnelling Survey